1,1,3,3-Tetramethyl-1,3-divinyldisilazane (DVTMDS) CAS 7691-02-3

Aug. 07, 2020

Tetramethyl divinyl disilazane is a colorless transparent liquid, non-toxic, soluble in most organic solvents such as ethyl acetate, toluene, and cyclohexane. CAS number: 7691-02-3, tetramethyldivinyldisilazane content (%): ≥96.0, tetramethyldivinylsiloxane content (%): ≤4.0, refractive index (n020): 1.437—1.439, molecular weight: 185.42, color: ≤50, boiling point: 160°C—161°C, flash point: 34°C, density (25°C) g/cm3: 0.819. It is an active silane coupling agent, mainly used for surface treatment of fumed silica in liquid silicone rubber products.



Silane coupling agent is a kind of organosilicon compound containing two groups of different chemical properties in the molecule. Its classic product can be represented by the general formula YSiX3. In the formula, Y is a non-hydrolyzable group, and X is a hydrolyzable group. Due to this special structure, the silane coupling agent will act at the interface of inorganic materials (such as glass, metal or mineral) and organic materials (such as organic polymers, coatings or adhesives), combining or coupling the two completely different material. It has the function of enhancing the affinity between organics and inorganic compounds, and can strengthen and improve the physical and chemical properties of composite materials, such as strength, toughness, electrical properties, water resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Tetramethyl divinyl disilazane (vinyl silazane) specific use: used to treat fumed white carbon black (normal recommended addition amount 2% -5%), the treated white carbon black becomes hydrophilic Hydrophobic, better affinity with raw rubber; can be used as a synthetic intermediate for medical and other chemicals; can be used as a coating additive; can be used in the manufacture of silicone rubber, silicone resin colloid, vinyl silicone resin; can be used as a ceramic surface Treatment agent.

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