How Does Boric Acid Stop Cockroaches?

Feb. 18, 2021

How Does Boric Acid Stop Cockroaches?

Boric acid comes in the form of a gel, powder, or dust, although dust is most common for pest control. Because boric acid has a static charge, it sticks to the cockroach as the insect passes through the treatment area. As pests groom themselves, they absorb the dust and attack their nervous systems.

Boric acid and cockroaches

It takes some expertise

Boric acid can be used on cockroaches, but the correct application is key. Homeowners must track the movement of pests to find the right place to lay a layer of dust. As a result, knowledge of insect signs and habits makes treatment more likely to succeed.

Involves careful placement

Improper use of homes can also cause problems for residents. Avoid spreading boric acid on worktops or any food preparation surfaces. Although it is not usually fatal to adults, eating the substance or inhaling it into the eyes can cause irritation.

Best exclusion

The problem with boric acid and cockroach control is that this alone won't stop the pests. Homeowners still need to adopt exclusion strategies to keep out more insects. Closing gutters and sealing cracks so pests can't hide or enter the house can help prevent new infestations.

Omit cockroach eggs

In addition, boric acid did not affect cockroach eggs. Although adult cockroaches may respond to treatment, their young often grow and reproduce safely in hard-to-reach Spaces.

The control

To avoid unsolved problems with boric acid and cockroaches, seek professional help.

How does it kill cockroaches?

As cockroaches crawl through boric acid powder, it spreads over them, sticking to their legs, arms, etc. The cockroach ingests this powder when it thinks it is (cleaning itself). If a cockroach can't clean itself, its body will naturally absorb the powder. Once the acid gets into the cockroach, it makes its way into the nervous and digestive systems, leading to death shortly after ingestion.

Boric acid is thought to be very effective because cockroaches eat other dead cockroaches. As most of us know, cockroaches aren't picky about their behavior, or even picky, eating other cockroaches even when they're dead. After the cockroaches eat the one that died of boric acid, the acid enters their system and the cycle continues.

You can also sprinkle boric acid on a bait or trap to work together. The powder sticks to the food and the cockroaches take it back to the nest and eat it all. Naturally, this allows for acid ingestion through multiple cockroaches, which eventually die and are eaten, and so on.

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