4-Acetoxystyrene CAS 2628-16-2

4-Acetoxystyrene CAS 2628-16-2

Product Description

4-Acetoxystyrene [2628-16-2] can be used to synthesize Poly(p-hydroxystyrene) as the main component of photoresist. The chemically amplified photoresist of the poly(p-hydroxystyrene) series is currently the mainstream photoresist product in the world, and it is one of the key technologies for processing photo-etched integrated circuits and manufacturing chips. Photoetching technology has evolved from the production of 0.3~0.28μm line width to the use of deep ultraviolet light (wavelength 248nm) to produce 0.18μm line width, and ultra-deep ultraviolet light (wavelength 193nm) can be used to describe fine loops with line widths of 0.11μm. 248nm photoresist usually uses poly(p-hydroxystyrene derivatives) as the film-forming resin, aryl iodonium salt or sulfonium salt as the photoacid generator, and chemical amplification technology is used to release the photoacid generator under the action of light. Acid, then acid catalyzes the cross-linking of the polymer (negative glue) or deprotection reaction (positive glue), thereby greatly improving the sensitivity of light.

Currently, the main production route is as follow:


But there are some disadvantages by using both of these 2 processes.

Route 1: lead to a lot of wasted water, and give a big pressure on environment.

Route 2: Reducing agent NaBH4 is very expensive.

We choose the cheapest hydrogenation process for production, and we can supply 4-Acetoxystyrene [2628-16-2] with competitive price and quality.

Product Identification

Chemical name: 4-Acetoxystyrene

Synonyms: 4-Ethenylphenol acetate, 4-Vinylphenyl acetate

CAS No.: 2628-16-2

Molecular formula: C10H10O2

Molecular weight: 162.19

Boiling point: 260 ℃ @ 760 mmHg

Refractive index: 1.538


Appearance: Coloress transparent liquid

Purity: 99.00%min by GC

Moisture: 0.20%max

Polymerization Inhibitor: 200-300 ppm

Metals content (Na, Ka, Mg, Fe, Cu, Mn, Ni, Cr, Al, Ca, Zn): Each 50 ppb max


Regular Packing: N.W 200kg/iron drum lined with plastic

Sample Packing: 0.1kg-1kg plastic bottle

Transport Information


Non-dangerous goods

HS Code: 2915390090

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