Triphenylsilanol CAS 791-31-1

Triphenylsilanol CAS 791-31-1

Product Description

Chemical name: Triphenylsilanol

Synonyms: Hydroxytriphenylsilane

CAS No.: 791-31-1

Molecular formula: C18H16OSi

Molecular weight: 276.40

Melting point: 151-155 ℃


Appearance: White solid

Purity: 99.00%min by GC


Regular Packing: N.W 25kg/fiber drum

Sample Packing: 0.1kg-1kg foil bag

Transportation Information

Classification: Non dangerous goods

HS Code: 2931900090

Status & Application


Commercial available


Used in the implementation of various chemical technologies - as components of vulcanizable rubber compounds, a component of catalysts for the polymerization of olefins (polyethylene, polypropylene), during the vulcanization of silicone rubbers, the production of heat-resistant coatings, the synthesis of polycarbonates.

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