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Our Core Technology:

1) Et2O/LAH reduction system

The traditional LAH reduction reaction, THF is used as the solvent. But some products easily form an azeotrope with THF, resulting in the product purity cannot be improved.

By using Et2O as a solvent we can solve this problem, but the production process is extremely dangerous.Through continuous exploration, we have grasped this technology safely and controllable in the production plant and applied it to the production of our products. Currently, The production capability of our product  by using the Et2O/LAH reduction system has reached 200-300kg/month.

2)Continuous nitrification Technology

Nitro compounds are very important organic raw materials, widely used in the production of pesticides, medicines, explosives, dyes, chemical fibers and rubber etc. However, the nitrification process is very dangerous, and the reaction is very fast and releases huge heat.  Through continuous nitrification technology and equipments, the raw materials and mixed acid are respectively pumped into the reactor according to a certain proportion, and the reaction is carried out at a set temperature. The reaction time is greatly shortened. The continuous output of products can reduce the use of mixed acid, effectively avoid flying temperature and reduce safety accidents. At present, this technology has been applied to the production of some nitro compounds of our company.

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